Our mission

Since the establishment in 1999, LLC “Stroyotdelservis” has handed over more than 400 objects for different assignment from residential buildings to historical places which are the Russian cultural heritage. During that period the building company went through all the steps of formation as a modern commercial organization, including staff packing, apparatus, mastering new technologies and getting the name on the estate construction and development market.

We live in Saint-Petersburg, the only European city in North-West of Russia, where you find architectural and sculptural masterpieces by outstanding European and Russian craftsmen, and our goal is to maintain the cultural heritage of the previous 300 years. Our underlying principle is: with the help of modern methods of reconstruction to accommodate the old estate to the up-to-date needs of a big city.

We always follow the principle points of our mission: Solicitous attitude to the basis – insurance of long-live superstructure. We declare: “Future grows on Past”. We are responsible for all we have inherited.