Most of today’s achievements the company made is due to the principal officer, its “Godfather” Alexey Eremenko.

Being the owner and the permanent leader of LLC “Stroyotdelservis”  Alexey Eremenko, who, together with his wife Elena Eremenko, is running business for more than 12 years. He is a former Army officer , the graduate of Military Academy, who ended his military carrier, now having extra diplomas of Russian Law Academy and Academy of Occupational Retraining and Professional Development for top-managers in civil and industrial construction. In 2010 he was elected a corresponding member of International  Public Academy of medical-technical science (Russian branch “Innovational Technologies”).

Elena Eremenko is a graduate of College of Commerce and Economics, economical department. In 2003 she became the Chief Sales Manager for “Stroyotdelservis”

Since 1999 and up to now Mr. Eremenko  is the CEO of his company. Later Mrs. Eremenko became the CEO of subsidiary company, LCC “GradStroy”. Alexey  and Elena Eremenko worked out the main ideology and strategy of their business. Both of them are hard and ambitious workers, who get on well with the team and the authorities. They are always open for all progressive innovations and eager to contribute to social and economic development of homeland and ready to consider business cooperation with foreign partners.

They are excellent spouses. They have two children, a daughter and a son.

LLC “Stroyotdelservis” started business on the civil engineering and industry construction market and executed commercial orders for renovation and reconstruction. Step by step the company was becoming experienced and skillful in carrying out all the variety of modern spectrum of works.In tsarist Russia since the beginning of the XVIII century it was top honor for every merchant to become The Supplier of  the Tzar Court. In today’s Russia it remains honorable to receive local government or federal structures’ orders to do any contract works which are financed from governmental budgets. Now the company receives such contracts to do works of different degree of complexity. The team has on the list  the best experts in all fields connected with building, reconstruction, restoration, development, all top management are highly qualified personnel. The principle idea of team-building is making comfortable conditions to each member and to be flexible enough in business priorities.

LLC “Stroyotdelservis” is investigating new directions in constructing development and design traceability. They are thoroughly studying the assembling of hi-tech and low-energy technologies.