Profile and Services


LLC “Stroyotdelservis” provides a wide range of works and services, the most important guidelines are: managing of construction projects, design and exploratory works, renovation and retrofitting with hi-tech facilities, estate development, investment projects administration, participation in competitive contract procedures in the system of financial allocation of Government orders and some others.

The following works and services we respectfully suggest:

Carrying out the mission of Customer – Developer, which means the whole package of activities starting with improved documentation, investing or shared sponsorship through all necessary set of designing-and- construction works. We obtain the full package of certificates and licenses to run the business.

Our company represents as a Prime Contractor. LLC “Stroyotdelservis” suggests packaged approach in carrying out works in house-building and different structures of any degree of complexity. We do reconstruction and accomplishment works (including all permitting procedures in administration divisions in charge), rearrangement of residential and non-residential premises, execute building and assembly jobs, and, finally, bringing an object into service. Having a solid manufacturing capabilities, modern building implements and goods from electric hand tools to multiplex professional technique, which is necessary to fulfill construction work of any complexity, and high-skilled personnel we are good at our work. We also involve the best and well-tried subcontractors to benefit biggest results.

We also have great experience in Projecting. In this field the company carries out functions of General designer from estimating of efficiency of any decision to accomplishment of all sections of the project. Among them are planning- volumetric decisions; architectural, design and techno- creation, working documentation. Our next step in embodiment of every project is submitting the documents for endorsement in committees, technical service and departments in charge as well as the holders of networks. We are also ready to assist in receiving  of Resolution for “Survey work”, Resolution for “Design and Construction work”, “Project, Planning and Land surveying”. We suggest full assistance on field supervision, transfer into non-domestic fund. Following these resolutions is compulsory in modern Russia: this is the specific of the Legislation.

Another important side of our activities on modern Russian building market is Development (or Real Estate Development in strict translation from Russian), both free and speculative.  We are doing job on reconstruction or modification of existing estate or ground area for the purpose of its appreciation. As a Prime Contractor we draw cash facilities of joint construction project and provide all administrative formalities according to the Joint construction project Contract and Legislation requirements. We assist our contractual partners in legal cleaning up.

Investment Projects Management is an important rank of our business. The main goal is to achieve high effectiveness of production facilities, best usage of project potential. That includes planning, systems project management, paperwork, motivation and supervision of the project life-cycle using modern management technology methods to support the most effective realization of the business plan (the results on composition and scope of work, cost of works, quality and mutual benefit of all contractual sides of the investment agreement).